About Buying

DO BUYERS NEED A BROKER? Yes, absolutely! A broker handles all the (extensive) legwork of finding the right property, guiding you through making an offer, negotiating on your behalf and walking you through the application process.

New York City is unique in it's style of buying property. The great majority of buildings are "co-ops" which require an application process second to none. My experience navigating this process and knowing what questions to ask will ensure that you have the best odds of success.

As a Buyer's Broker, it does not cost you anything.  Although my compensation comes from the Seller's commission, it's still my job to work solely in your interest and make sure you get the property you want at the best price, with the right terms.

What you can expect when I represent you. I will: :

  • Ask detailed questions and listen to your answers. Learn about you and your needs and establish your criteria.

  • Evaluate your finances.

  • Provide a detailed price analysis.

  • Connect you with industry professionals such as attorneys and lenders so that your purchase is handled as efficiently as possible.

  • Schedule and accompany you on appointments to view apartments.

  • Prepare and submit bids.

  • Negotiate on your behalf to get you the lowest purchase price possible with the most favorable contract terms.

  • Walk you through the board approval process. Prepare and submit a professional co-op or condo board application on your behalf.